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Scrum’s history can be traced back to a 1986 Harvard Business Review article, “The New New Product Development Game”. The article narrates how companies such as Honda, Canon, and Fuji-Xerox produced world-class results using a scalable, team-based approach to all-at-once product development. It shows the importance of empowered, self-organizing teams and outlines management’s role in the development process. Download it here

Partnering with the marketing team, we help companies grow using the Internet.

Using Agile Scrum methodology and the latest marketing technology tools, I help business owners build successful digital businesses that add value and satisfy their customers at an affordable price. My Marketing DevOps Teams and I provide support to marketing departments that need help implementing and maintaining marketing automation and campaigns.

How it Works
1. We partner with your marketing team to understand your project(s)
2. Your specific outcomes and tasks are outlined and DONE is defined
3. DevOps work on the task list until the project is DONE and outcomes met

Tip: You can learn from this website

The Aricketts.com website follows a 12-step system that I developed over the years to provide a complete e-business solution to businesses. I encourage you to think about your business processes along these pillars (12 icons in the top fold).The process will help to increase business value. You can access your user dashboard and personal web emails via the website.

As you proceed through the site, ask yourself this important question:
Do I have this minimum e-business process in place and what does it take to implement it?

You really don’t want a website: what you really want are lifelong customers

Building a website and “doing social media” is not going to help a person build a successful business. Success depends on the strategies that you implement! Building a website and “doing social media” are not strategies, they are tools. Strategies are those business activities that: promote the organization’s ideas, product, and services, enhance customer relationship, facilitate exchange, and build the organization’s brand. Some of these strategies will need more than a social media campaign or website. You should be thinking about follow-up systems and analytics

Family Owned Business

Once you become a member, you will receive enterprise-class hosting for your web applications. Solutions are customized based on the member’s needs. So, a member looking to start their business can get logo design, business cards, brochures and an e-commerce website. Another member may have all of these but need a drip marketing campaign created.

Financing for Members

Building a website or app, hosting and maintaining it can have expensive startup costs. In most instances, these costs can be financed, allowing new members to do more with their startup capital. Members can get a professional e-commerce website spreading the cost for development over a period of time. See Membership and Terms of Service

Anthony Ricketts

Marketing Consultant & ScrumMaster| @aricketts101

Anthony Richard Ricketts

Return On Investment for Marketers

Marketing teams need help with establishing, developing and maintaining a digital marketing strategy. As your Agile DevOps Marketing Technology Team (DevOps), we help you address those specific needs.

Key Return On Investment for Marketers
Marketing teams can significantly reduce marketing cost and save as much as $100,000 annually using this service. The benefit gained can be summarized in three ways:

  • Expertise at a lower cost

    Expertise at a lower cost

    Your marketing team can have a fully functional DevOps team with varied skill sets, at a fraction of the cost of finding and hiring even a single full-time employee. This team provides the DevOps and cloud infrastructure expertise you need, without having an in-house team that monopolizes your company’s time and resources.

  • Smart Access to Marketing Technology

    We already have the latest marketing technology tools

    No or very low investment in marketing technology tools because we already have many of the technology needed. Our infrastructure is built on Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. You can leverage your membership by taking advantage of deeply discounted subscription costs.

  • Reduced Costs and Risks

    Controlling The Costs And Risks Of Technology R&D

    As DevOps engineers we need to constantly experiment in order to keep your architecture robust and scalable, and to deliver technology and cost advantages to your business.

    With an in-house team, you’d end up paying for them to experiment on your product or conduct additional research and development (R&D). By partnering with us, you’re not paying for that time directly, which means you get the benefits of DevOps experimentation at a fraction of the cost.

The DevOps Team has over 20 years combined experience in marketing and marketing technology. We have worked with nonprofits, for-profits and government organizations. The skills of the DevOps team is a combination of creativity, digital know-how and leadership.

Comprehensive Membership Services

Your membership provides various Members-only services such as weekly DevOps meeting with your marketing team, implementation and support services. Marketing teams typically request help drafting plans, website/sales page development, web application development, website management and support, website hosting, email marketing setup, social media optimization, search engine optimization, training, and graphic design services.

SCRUM CERTIFIED – Anthony R. Ricketts CSM

I hold an Associates of Science degree in Public Relations from Monroe Community College. I am currently attending Rochester Institute of Technology where I will complete a degree in Advertising and Public Relations with minor in Business Administration and an MBA concentration in marketing.

I am a Certified Agile Scrum Master. This means that I manage the development and implementation process of your projects. I also help marketing teams follow the Agile for Marketing process.Click here to learn more about what Agile Scrum.


  • Inspire, educate and promote creativity
  • Provide the best solutions to clients
  • Create value through strong relationships
  • Build smarter and safer communities
  • Maximize long-term return-on-investment
  • Be effective, lean and smart-moving


I will never stop innovating as there is always a better way to do what we are doing or a better way to reach a new market or an unmet need.
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