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Scrum’s history can be traced back to a 1986 Harvard Business Review article, “The New New Product Development Game”. The article narrates how companies such as Honda, Canon, and Fuji-Xerox produced world-class results using a scalable, team-based approach to all-at-once product development. It shows the importance of empowered, self-organizing teams and outlines management’s role in the development process. Download it here


Become a member and transform your organization. Improve your business online with weekly or monthly consultation meetings and actions.

Your Dedicated Agile DevOps Team

Agile support

Enhance Your Marketing Team’s Capabilities

Are you looking to build your marketing products and campaigns fast? Your Agile DevOps provides tailored digital marketing and communications know-how to help you build and manage your marketing efforts.

We partner with marketing teams to help them with implementing marketing technologies such as customer relationship management systems and digital marketing campaign. Services sometimes include graphic design, content development (e.g. blogs, newsletters, e-books etc.), Search Engine Optimization, application development, website maintenance and Google analytics integration. Request additional information about these unique service.

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Business Improvement

  • Let’s talk strategy
  • Generating incoming leads
  • Positioning yourself as the trusted expert
  • Get help to create killer content that converts… and do it fast
  • Improving marketing automation
  • Improving service delivery and follow-up systems
  • Creating referrals from your existing clients
  • Identifying and Implementing new revenue streams fast


Website Design That Helps Grow Your Business

Whether you want to build your own or have my team create the perfect website for you, my web solutions include everything you need to grow your business online.

Professional Email Address

Get a professional email address that shows your business name. We help you integrate your professional business email with your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, iPhone, Android or Outlook applications.

Online Marketing

Your site is built optimized from the ground-up. my experts will help your business achieve ranking on popular search engines.

Google Analytics and more tracking

Get business reports that provide real-time information about your customers.

Ecommerce Ready

Setup an ecommerce website that allows you to capture payments and nurture customers for repeat buys.

Social Integration

We go beyond Facebook and seek to find out exactly what social network is right for you. This includes working on improving online presence and reputation management.

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AMAZON Website Hosting

Experience UNLIMITED business cloud hosting services powered by AMAZON AWS to build and your powerhouse web presence. Unlike other hosting providers, the hosting platform provided is not limited. You can develop any application here.

Content Delivery Network

Super Charge Your Online Business by allowing faster Streaming of your Website, Video, Music and Business Transactions through a powerful Content Delivery Network

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Simplified Website Setup

Enjoy one click installation in setting up your blog.

Customer Relationship Management Solution

Capture leads from your website inside of your own customer relationship management system then have your sales team call those leads. Better yet, create follow-up systems that send weekly marketing messages to the lead until they buy. Go beyond traditional marketing systems. Cut through the noise and deliver value to your prospects and yield high-quality leads.

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Engage, Publish & Analyze

Create an exceptional brand experience across networks.
ARC’s collaborative environment ensures smarter, faster and more efficient social communications.

  • ENGAGEMENT: Engage with your audience & route issues to internal systems.
  • PUBLISHING: Publish marketing messages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • ANALYTICS: Integrated analytics on all of your social media efforts.

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Website Support & Training when you subscribe for a small business website

Learn how to manage your CMS Website


SuperCool Support

is available to all my clients. my powered platform allows us to deliver the coolest support to you, your staff and clients. Learn more

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What will you do if your site goes down or you need to add an update? Don’t let your website content go out-dated. We help you to update your website content as needed.

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We provide members with tons of training materials and videos all accessible from my
Online Small Business Training Portal.

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All websites or online applications require updating and security patch. We help to ensure that the proper systems are in place to upgrade you application as needed.

Security and Compliance
Online hazards, such as phishing and spoofing, continue to proliferate over the Internet, and as consumers become more aware of these risks, maintaining customer confidence takes priority. We provision SSL and setup your solution to be PCI compliant.

How the Trusted Commerce Seal Enables Trust. > The Security Certificate


Secure & Restore Your Website or Applications

Secure your Data … Security Strategy is about layers.

There are several essential elements that need to be implemented and together they will help ensure your site’s safety. No strategy is ever totally bulletproof, but with all these layers working together you can bounce back from even the most vicious attacks with relative ease.

Time Machine


We backup up your entire small business system. Widgets, themes, plugins, files and SQL database – the entire package! Just like your laptop or desktop computer, you should be doing regular backups of your website.


The prevention strategy requires intense human effort and knowledge to identify security gaps and apply resmyces into diminish risks. Scanning services allows security admins to get alerts if a breach has occurred, which is nice, but it would be even better to stop the breaches from happening in the first place.


Monitoring is an important part of securing your site or app. If an attacker does gain access to your website and do some damage, you want to undo that damage as quickly as possible.
One of the most common reasons your site will get hacked is to insert malware that will infect your visitors computers. This can get your site blacklisted by the major search engines very quickly so having an early warning system is critical to getting your site back to normal before it’s too late.


It’s very important that your site is backup regularly. We help clients by ensuring they have an effective backup strategy. This way clients can have their sites easily repaired – reducing downtime.

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