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Scrum’s history can be traced back to a 1986 Harvard Business Review article, “The New New Product Development Game”. The article narrates how companies such as Honda, Canon, and Fuji-Xerox produced world-class results using a scalable, team-based approach to all-at-once product development. It shows the importance of empowered, self-organizing teams and outlines management’s role in the development process. Download it here

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There are so many things we would like to know. As marketing mavens, we seek knowledge to improve our ability to communicate with others better or simply get stuff done. Sometimes we need some there that will keep us grounded in the learning or explain concepts further.

I am committed to helping others learn so that they can help themselves. Under my soft skills training program, family and friends can learn almost anything they desire in marketing. If you want to learn about enhancing your WordPress website, I have a training for that and I can personally act as a facilitator. If you want to learn about setting up Google App and Analytics, I can help you! If you want to learn some Photoshop skill, I can help you. Just let me know and I will get you started.

Small Business Training

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Empower your marketing team with learnings that will enhance their ability to

  • Increase Traffic Generation
  • Improving Lead Conversion
  • Increase Customer Engagement

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Get hands on demonstration about posting blogs, videos, photos to your website. As a member, you will also learn how you can enhance your website to add more business value. Learn more

What will you do if your site goes down or you need to add an update? Don’t let your website content go out-dated. We help you to update your website content as needed.

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