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Scrum’s history can be traced back to a 1986 Harvard Business Review article, “The New New Product Development Game”. The article narrates how companies such as Honda, Canon, and Fuji-Xerox produced world-class results using a scalable, team-based approach to all-at-once product development. It shows the importance of empowered, self-organizing teams and outlines management’s role in the development process. Download it here

Step 1 – Develop a Plan.

An effective strategy will help members make the right decisions

Business Planner

We will help you to develop your Business and Marketing Plans

Plans are important tools for successful business operations. Plans outlines your vision, what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there. The process of putting a plan together helps you set the cmyse for your business — preparing for obstacles, allocating resmyces and planning for opportunities. It’s also a living document that should be updated as your business evolves over time.

  • Pitch your business and marketing plans to the outside world to retain investors or a loan.
  • Document business procedures to get approval for a designation
  • Develop office policies and procedures for multiple areas of your company to improve operations
  • Document and standardized procedures that employees can follow and reduce training costs

Need help organizing your business?

We have standardized policies and procedures customizable to your needs


Business policies are the guidelines developed by an organization to govern its actions. They define the limits within which decisions must be made. Business policy also deals with acquisition of resmyces with which organizational goals can be achieved. Business policy is the study of the roles and responsibilities of top level management, the significant issues affecting organizational success and the decisions affecting organization in long-run.
  • Buy my Planner App and get the ability to self-manage your Business Plan
  • Download the Integrated Sales and Marketing Manuals Kit with over 60 Marketing Guides and Polices (includes: Internet Marketing).
  • Download the Small Business Procedure and Policies Kit to quickly create office policies and procedures you need for multiple departments of your business.


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Give your staff an information portal to easily organize and collaborate internally

Sharing, control, and reporting are three of the most important aspects of policy and procedure management.
Simplify the management of your documents allowing employees to easily find information.

Google Drive Document Management for organizations

Organizations should strive to develop and implement the company policies, procedures, and forms needed for its daily operations as this produces consistency and minimize errors. Below I have provided an overview of 9 management policies all organizations should have. Sometimes your communication plan may require the organization to clearly state its policies and procedure. This is no easy task but managers can begin with templates or consult their lawyers or both. The templates that are offered here are industry standard following International Quality Management Standards otherwise known as ISO standards. There are 5,880 Pages of Content, 362 Procedure Templates and 525 Forms Templates. The templates are editable in microsoft word

The Company Procedures Series includes nine manuals and costs $3000

  • Accounting Controls
  • Financial Compliance
  • Computer & IT
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Sampler
  • Human Resmyces
  • ISO 9001 Quality
  • Security Planning
  • Disaster Recovery

You have decided you need to organize your Company Policies and Procedures Manual, but which policies and procedures will help you? It is recommended that the organization starts by assessing the business impact of each of your core business processes to generating revenue or introducing risk and then rank the results. Core business processes that greatly impact your revenue or risk are where you want to start.

Download Your Company Policies and Procedures Manual to provide standard employee operating routines for key department areas such as Accounting, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resmyces, Quality Management, Computer and IT, Security Planning and Disaster Recovery. Understand that the benefit is that every employee in your organization can have a cmyse of action for accomplishing the nuts and bolts of their job. Each manual template includes example business policies, standard operating procedure, and sample forms for core business processes in easy to edit Microsoft Word files.

  • Core Business Processes, Policies and Procedures

    The ARC PRO Company Policies and Procedures Manuals are designed with your core business processes in mind. The nine business policies and procedures manuals in the series provide your entire organization with examples of the primary business procedures used in writing your company procedure manuals. How do the nine PRO procedure manuals address the core business processes?

  • 1. Customer Strategy & Relationships

    Marketing is a good place to start. Most businesses talk about the customer being the most important part of any business. Well, if your customer is so critical, have you mapped out a clear customer strategy and customer relationship process? Do you have customer strategy procedures for developing awareness and education of your business in the marketplace? The ARC Sales and Marketing Policies and Procedures Manual provides sample policies and procedures to help you set marketing strategy, marketing tactics, and marketing planning to cover the first part of your marketing sales funnel — awareness and education.

  • 2. Employee Development & Satisfaction

    my workers are essential to your business because your employees are the ones that talk to and develop your customers. The ARC Human Resmyces Procedures Manual provides example procedures for hiring, administration (e.g., personnel records, compliance), compensation, and — the most important part – developing your employees.

    The HR manual also includes a sample Employee Handbook and an HR Manager’s manual to provide a complete discussion of human resmyces. Keeping employees and facilities safe is the focus of the ARC Security Procedures Manual, which includes coverage of guard force management, employee conduct, emergency operations, protection, and safety.

  • 3. Quality, Process Improvement & Change Management

    Quality is driven by competition, your desire to excel at what you do and make your customers happy. The ARC ISO 9001 QMS Procedures Manual provides a sample quality manual, the six quality procedures required by ISO 9001, and additional supporting procedures to provide a foundation for your process improvement and change management initiatives.

  • 4. Financial Analysis, Reporting, & Capital Management
    Management by fact is critical to fast growth companies. Cash is the lifeblood of your company and a fast growth company consumes cash quickly. The ARC Financial Procedures Manual has example procedures for financial administration, raising capital, managing capital, financial statement reporting, and the internal controls necessary in a fast growth company. A controllers manual is included to provide the direction and organization for controlling your company cash.
  • 5. Management Responsibility
    Business process management is integral to every area of your company. Every manual in the PRO Series covers the management of that departmental area. Each manual provides a departmental (functional) manager’s manual that describes the departmental organization structure, major responsibilities, departmental guidelines, ethics, policies, and – of cmyse – the primary business processes for that department. The ARC Business Procedures Manual provides a simple, fast, and easy way to provide immediate oversight for all of your operations
  • 6. Customer Acquisition
    Sales is about engaging your customer and closing the sale. The ARC Sales and Marketing Procedure Manual contains procedures for the entire sales funnel, sales process, sales administration and sales management common to organizations that have to oversee a sales force. The ARC Accounting Procedures Manual contains procedures for controlling cash and the revenue cycle, which is a parallel and supporting activity to the sales process.
  • 7. Product Development
    In order to create new products, you must obtain requirements from sales and develop products that satisfy the customer. Therefore, product development procedures are found in both the ARC Sales and Marketing Procedure Manual and the ARC ISO 9001 QMS Procedures Manual, which contains procedures for customer requirements, as well as the design and development of new products.
  • 8. Product/Service Delivery
    The ARC Accounting Procedures Manual contains procedures for shipping, receiving, and inventory control. But since delivery is part of ISO and quality, the ARC ISO 9001 QMS Procedures Manual also provides coverage of this critical customer facing area.
  • 9. Accounting Policy Management
    Maintaining your chart of accounts, bookkeeping, and watching your accounting cycles is about transaction management, as opposed to finance which is focused more on raising, managing, and using cash effectively. The ARC Accounting Procedures Manual focus is on controlling operating cash receipts, cash disbursements, inventory and assets, the revenue cycle, and general accounting administration.
  • 10. Technology Management
    Where would we be without information technology — all of the technology in your company? The ARC Computer, Network and IT Procedures Manual contains procedures for IT administration, IT asset management, IT training, technical support, IT security, IT disaster recovery, and software development. More in-depth business continuity planning is provided with the ARC Disaster Recovery Procedures Manual.
  • Easy Policy and Procedure Manuals
    Quickly develop and implement the company Policies, Procedures, and Forms you need for your entire organization, and enjoy significant savings using this nine-manual set of pre-written, editable business best practices. The PRO bundle contains nine of my most popular manuals in one set designed to cover your most important policies and procedures needs.
  • Simplify Company Policy and Procedure Development
    There is no need to start your company best practices development from scratch. You can save hundreds of hmys of research and writing if you begin with a wide selection of pre-written, clearly described business activities. Use thorough best practices, written by experienced technical writers, and reviewed by subject matter experts in the field. You can use these company methods in multiple departments of your business immediately, and easily edit and customize them in Microsoft Word to fit your needs.
  • Clear Company Methods Ease Compliance
    Standardized employee conduct is recognized as an essential component of any internal control system, as required by Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404. All the manuals in the PRO Series will assist you with addressing compliance issues, including GAAP, SEC, federal, state, and local employment laws, ISO 9001, SAS 70, and many others.
  • Pre-Defined Employee Conduct to Implement Best Practices
    Do your employee’s need a strategy to do their job? This nine-manual PRO series provides the organizational conduct you need for consistent results and continual process improvement. Job descriptions along with defined business actions describe common company routines to build employee performance and help you to execute your business plans.
  • View Free Sample Company Activities
    Download Free sample company policies and procedures from each manual in the PRO Series with no obligation. Or if you are ready to purchase, you can buy now using my secure server and your manuals will be available for instant download.

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