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Scrum’s history can be traced back to a 1986 Harvard Business Review article, “The New New Product Development Game”. The article narrates how companies such as Honda, Canon, and Fuji-Xerox produced world-class results using a scalable, team-based approach to all-at-once product development. It shows the importance of empowered, self-organizing teams and outlines management’s role in the development process. Download it here

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Plan For Success

Do you need help organizing your business and planning for success? Do you have the tools and do you want to fast-track the process with a team of experts who knows exactly what you need?

Manage Relationships

Are you effectively managing your clients? Do you have a proper invoicing system, the ability to manage special support that they need. Are you truly listening and observing your clients to identify their wants and needs.

Attract Customers

Do you want to attract more customers and engage your existing customers to buy more products and services. Do you want to create word-of-mouth marketing for your business?

Delight Customers

Are you giving clients the best service ever that lead them to talk about you positively with family and friends? Would you like to have a good understanding of your customer’s behavior, how well your business is doing now and what the future holds for you?

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